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4th of July Flag

$24.95 USD

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Celebrate your patriotic pride with these adorable flags! Choose to have it personalized with your family name, or just "welcome friends"


Available in 2 sizes:

  • Garden - 12" x 18" printed on one or both sides
  • House Flag - 27" x 40" printed on one or both sides
  • Material is printed with our original design and is fade resistant
  • Made of a soft premium quality polyester fabric
  • This listing is for the flag ONLY. No stand is included


Flag Care

The life of your flag is 100% dependent on the environment it is displayed in. You may treat your flag with a spray such as scotch guard to prolong the life of your flag if you plan to display it all year long. I have had flags last for customers over 2 years, and some for only a few months.

Please consider these factors when finding a place to display your flag. Being in full sunlight for a good amount of time will eventually fade any flag, no matter the material. Being out in high winds, rain, sleet or snow can break down the fibers more quickly. You may want to consider bringing your flag inside during storms or high winds. Salty air near the ocean will also make a flag deteriorate more quickly. If it waves and rubs up against trees, bushes or other items, be aware that sharp edges may tear your flag.