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About Me

Hi there!  I'm Kari, and I'm the sole owner and creator behind My Treasured Gifts. I was born and raised in Kansas City and am a mom of 2 incredible boys. I work hard to juggle the life of a single mom and business owner/artist. I'm a wine & coffee drinking, turtle crazy, lover of all things fuzzy, Ravenclaw that can read a good book cover to cover in a few hours without coming up for air.

My company was born out of my need to create for myself. Working as a freelance graphic artist for nearly 15 years was starting to wear on me. Designing marketing materials and other people's projects wasn't enough of a creative outlet for me. I always wanted to have a whole line of products of my own that I created with designs I loved and I finally have been able to make that happen!

I have partnered with some of the very best printers and manufacturers in the USA to bring my customers beautifully made products to their doorsteps. I stand by the quality of their work and the beauty of my designs and just know that you'll love these products as much as I do!

Whether you're ordering something for a special gift, or keeping it for yourself, I have all kinds of items you're sure to adore!

Thank you for stopping by, and please reach out if you have any questions! I welcome the opportunity to design custom products, so if you have something in mind, let me know! If you want to see more of my artwork and illustrations, please visit my online art portfolio at