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March Meet the Maker Day3: Time

March 03, 2020

March Meet the Maker Day3: Time

This prompt has taken me back through the timeline of my life and my business. To me, my business HAS been my life. Yes, I have two children. Yes, I have family and friends that love me, but my business has, in a way, been my savior. It pulled me out of my funk after a very hard divorce. It has allowed me to provide for myself and my children after being left with NO other choices. It has helped me build confidence, discover my true identity and claim my true purpose in this life. It has healed me and left me stronger than before.

During this journey, I have fallen many times. I have learned many lessons. I have made countless mistakes. In ways, time has been good to me, showing me that patience is a virtue and good things come for those who work hard and never give up. In others, it has not, teaching me that if I remain frozen in fear for too long, opportunities can pass me by. All in all, when I look back on the timeline of this path I’ve taken, I see a lot of growth. I see wisdom, and I see strength. I now hold an unwillingness to fail and I know I have the perseverance to see this through to an incredible future.

This artwork is another of my crystal watercolor paintings of some rainbow aura quartz. The properties represent communication, tranquility and release. I feel this is fitting… as I release the fear and pain of the past and rest peacefully in the present, ready for what the future may bring.

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