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March Meet the Maker Day 9: Rough/Mock Up

March 09, 2020

March Meet the Maker Day 9: Rough/Mock Up

So today I'm supposed to share a bit of the design process. When starting to brainstorm a project, product collection or piece of art, I usually get my trusty spiral notebook and create a list, do a rough sketch, or a brain dump of ideas. Here I'll list products, styles, components, prices, etc. I will move this list to a spreadsheet later, but I like to work on paper first so I can put lists next to each other compare, and take it anywhere without technology.

When it comes to the drawing portion, mostly I work digitally. I sometimes do a rough sketch before beginning the final artwork, but most of the time I just dive in and start with color. I look at photos of different things and create my own versions in my signature style. 

My style can be described as fantastical with semi-realistic details and features. I love creating those little details that make a design "pop". Shadows, texture and shading all play a big part in my drawing technique.

My digital artwork is mostly created on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil in Procreate. I sometimes do draw in Illustrator and all patterns are pieced together in Photoshop. When I do watercolor paintings, I sketch directly on the watercolor paper and then paint from there. The work is then scanned in and color corrected in Photoshop and then finished in Illustrator.

My favorite things to draw are animals. You may see a slight trend in pugs. Haha! I don't know what got me drawing them, but I love their personalities and "dressing" them up in different outfits!

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