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March Meet the Maker Day 5: Close Up

March 05, 2020

March Meet the Maker Day 5: Close Up

Today I’m sharing a close look at how I package my products. This is something that I really put a lot of thought into because I although my products are handmade, I really want them to be presented in a high class professional way. I want them to look polished and have that “wow” factor.

I always package my items in white with that signature faceted heart repeat background to accentuate my brand, yet have that nice “clean” look. When I see my products displayed at a vendor event, I just love seeing the finished set up because it gives me that boutique vibe. I want these to be ready to give as a gift, so presentation means a lot to me. Even if you're buying it for yourself, I want it to look special and I want my customers to feel as if they're opening a gift to themselves. 


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