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March Meet the Maker Day 4: Branding

March 04, 2020

March Meet the Maker Day 4: Branding

I have rebranded my business MANY times over the years since first starting up as an entrepreneur in 2003. I have changed my name 3 times, and re-branded 5 times until I landed on “My Treasured Gifts”.

I started off as “Heart Strings Designs” when I was doing stationery and wedding invitations. My clientele was made up mostly of brides and new moms planning their baby showers or announcing the birth of their newest child, so it fit very well. Kari Lind Creations Old LogoAs I morphed out of that sort of work, I changed it to Kari Lind Creations… a more straight forward name since my first and middle names are Kari Lind, and I was offering graphic design services.

Two Turtles Old BrandingThen, I decided I didn’t want to use my name anymore and wanted to play with my favorite animal and called my business “Two Turtles Gift & Design Co” as I changed over to more of a product based company. Finally, I went all in with products only and I am finally in love with my business name and branding as “My Treasured Gifts”

I feel like it’s timeless and not too trendy. I chose the geometric heart for My Treasured Gifts Logoa few reasons. I think it resembles a diamond a bit, and diamonds are considered “treasure”. I also think of things or people I love as being “treasure”. So I turned the diamond design into a faceted heart in a sparkly gold to represent the word and symbolize things we hold dear or close to our hearts.

I wanted the name of my company to symbolize high quality products that people would cherish. Gifts you can give to someone that they will covet, or items you can wear or put in your home that make you feel good. That is the feeling I want people to think of when they come across my products and brand.

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