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March Meet the Maker Day 2: Hands At Work

March 02, 2020

March Meet the Maker Day 2: Hands At Work

Today I'm supposed to show hands at work, so here are my hands doing a couple of different things. Not only am I a digital illustrator, but I am a watercolor artist AND just all-around maker. A lot of my items are made with my digital designs on my computer, but a good amount of products are made by my own hands from start to finish.

hands at workYou see my new tropical bird design that I've been sketching on my iPad. I creat a lot of my art this way... sketching, and coloring everything by hand digitally, and then I tranfer the files to my computer where i clean it up, move things areound and position it on the products for manufacturing.

The other photo is of me making my wood and epoxy earrings. This is a long process, with over 15 steps from start to finish for each pair of earrings. They're a labor of love, but I really feel these products are worth it! They end up looking amazing, and they're a staple for any outfit!!!

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